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Founder and Former Lead of Google Images

Radhika Malpani

With over 30 years experience in the tech sector building world class products, Radhika Malpani is now focussed on using those skills to help entrepreneurs succeed, while addressing issues critical to the sustainability of the planet. Together with Steve Weinstein, she co-created Hacking4Oceans which she teaches at UC Santa Cruz, where she is an assistant adjunct Professor. The class, which is currently being taught at 5 Universities nationwide, teaches entrepreneurship skills focussed on solving problems critical to oceans and coastal habitats. Radhika is also a Fellow at Stanford’s Distinguished Career Institute, where her focus again is on climate related mitigation and adaptation efforts.

In addition to teaching, Radhika works with founders of mission driven startups, helping them think through product strategy and scaling issues. She currently sits on the boards of Nexleaf Analytics, Simprints, Educate, Island Conservation as well as advises several startup CEOs including Francis Energy, TalkingPoints, Dost Education. She is also a technical advisor to CIFF (Children's Investment Fund Foundation), and a mentor with the Unreasonable Group and Rippleworks.

Prior to this Radhika was a Senior Engineering Director at Google and was responsible, over a period of 20 years, for initiating and scaling up several critical products. Starting with leading Google Ads in 2000, Radhika founded Google Images, growing it to over 1B queries/day. In addition to starting Google Local Search, she also led Google Travel Search to help users better plan their leisure trips.